How to meet your vertical farm's market demand

Determine whether vertical farming could form a profitable part of your business.

The vertical farming buyers' guide series

A guide to help determine the size of your vertical farm based on how many plants you want to grow, how much space you have available, and how you plan to sell your produce.

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Deciding the right size and location for your vertical farm.

We’ve split this guide into the different areas you need to consider before setting up, expanding or diversifying your own vertical farming operation. These are: 

Growing the right type of crops for your offtakers.

Power: the number one cost when running a vertical farm.

Labour costs and automation in your vertical farm.

Machinery and equipment needed to run your vertical farm.

Optimising the growth of your crops.

CAPEX costs: setting up and building your vertical farm.

OPEX: the month-to-month costs of running your vertical farm.

Software and training to support the success of your vertical farm.

Payback: producing a commercially viable vertical farming business.

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Designed for anyone interested in the science and potential of vertical farming, including

Traditional farmers

Farming entrepeneurs

Food producers

Consumer food businesses



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Optimise plant growth with vertical farming

Commercial viability for vertical farms

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We've split this guide into the different areas you need to consider before setting up your own vertical farm. The Buyers' Guide Series comes in three parts. 

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